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Flippables to hit stores later this month

In a reply to an Instagram post last week, Ty stated that the new Ty Flippables line should start officially arriving in stores later this month, or early next month. “They’ll be rolling out at the end of this month and the beginning of October,” Ty wrote. While some have gotten their hands on the new Flippable characters already, we’ve been waiting for wide-spread availability of the new product line from Ty, which features Beanie Baby and Beanie Boo-like characters with an innovative double-sided sequin fabric.

Meet Ozzy: Walgreen’s Halloween exclusive

Ozzy the bat Ty Beanie Boo Walgreens Halloween exclusive
Ozzy the bat, Walgreens exclusive

A huge shout-out to the eagle-eyes at for reporting about this exciting new Halloween exclusive! Meet Ozzy the bat, a Walgreens Drugstore exclusive Ty Beanie Boo. Ozzy appears to be similar to the other 2018 Halloween bat Beanie Boo, Count, but with blue fur instead of purple. (The name Ozzy is also a clever nod to a rather gruesome moment of English heavy metal rock star Ozzy Osbourne.)

My local Walgreens hasn’t put out their Halloween merchandise yet, but I can’t wait to get my hands on this surprise exclusive!

More ‘Flippable’ Fashion coming

Update Sept. 10: This post has been updated with new images and information since it was originally published.

It looks like Ty is continuing to expand its Ty Fashion line with double-sided sequin fabric, based on these new images I just found! In the last few weeks we’ve seen sequin-covered backpacks, wristlets and “6 ways to wear” should bags/purses. Now it looks like the popular Beanie-themed footwear will be getting a makeover using the new double-sided sequined fabric from Ty’s new, and much anticipated, Ty Flipplables line. The 12 new styles shown above include both slipper socks and pool slide “flip-flops.”

This first wave of Ty Fashion footwear includes six characters: unicorn, cat, leopard, poodle, owl, and husky. No info on names yet. My guess is all nine styles will come in the three usual Ty footwear sizes: small, medium and large.

Until recently, Ty’s line of “wearable” products was called Ty Gear. But it appears that with the introduction of the sequin fabric, all of these new products will be Ty “Fashion.”

Ty Japan releases messaging stickers pack

Ty Japan Beanie Stickers Line App
Ty Japan’s Beanie-themed stickers for the Line app

Ty Japan announced on its Instagram account that it has a new official line of Beanie-related stickers available for purchase in the Line messaging app. The stickers, apparently 40 in all, feature images of both Beanie Boo and Beanie Baby characters with cute messages written in both English and Japanese.

The post reads (using an automated translation service: “Announcement. You know what? What a ty mate to be a line sticker! Do you have recommendation?” They then share a link,, that (when opened on a mobile phone with the Line app installed) takes you directly to purchase the sticker pack. The description in the app says “Ty JAPAN presents cute plush stamp. Use for daily communication. Though plush can’t talk, they want to be your communication tool.”

To get and use the stickers, you must download the free Line messaging app on your smart phone and create an account. The sticker pack costs 50 “Line Points,” which can be earned by completing certain tasks within the Line environment.

According to the Apple App Store, “Line reshapes communication around the globe, bringing you closer to your family, friends, and loved ones–for free. With voice and video calls, messages, and limitless variety of exciting stickers, you’ll be able to express yourself in ways that you’ve never thought possible. With over 600 million users worldwide, Line’s constantly expanding platform will continue to provide exciting new experiences and convenience.”

More Flippables hitting stores soon?

The @tysingapore Instagram account shared this very, very sparkly video yesterday of the upcoming new Ty Flippables Beanis!

Look who just arrived at our office today! The new Flippables samples!,” The post says. “Thank you @tyinc 😊 ! Stay tuned, they will be available soon!”

We still don’t have an official date when all the new Flipplables will be available in-store, but we can’t wait! Of the 11 original Ty Flippables line,  only the three dinosaurs (Crunch, Tremor and Stompy) have been found in-store so far.

New Ty Fashion wristlets and backpacks

Ty Fashion hang tag
Ty Fashion hang tag

I’ve tracked down more images from the revamped double-sided sequin Ty Fashion line! In addition to the “6 ways to wear” pieces I shared the other day, Ty has at least two new backpacks and three new wristlets coming. Pictured above:

  • Fantasia the unicorn Ty Fashion backpack
  • Icy the seal Ty Fashion backpack
  • Icy the seal Ty Fashion wristlet
  • Fantasia the unicorn Ty Fashion wristlet
  • Gilda the flamingo Ty Fashion wristlet

The revamped Ty Fashion line, which I’m 99% sure is taking over the Ty Gear line, features the innovative double-sided sequined fabric that Ty is using on its much-anticipated Ty Flippables line, which features 11 new characters in colorful, shiny sequins.

Update: It looks like all nine new sequined characters come in the backpack, purse (“6 ways to wear”), and wristlet styles. You can see them all on Ty’s website: click here.

In-hand: Claire’s Halloween exclusive

The latest Claire’s exclusive is hitting stores! I posted a few days ago about a mysterious new Beanie Boo cat, speculating it might be a Claire’s exclusive. This evening I made a trip to my local Claire’s to see if she was there. I was in luck! Now that this kitty is finally hitting stores, we know more about her: Her name is Spellbound, and her birthday is October 19. Her poem reads:

I have sparkling eyes and very shiny fur
If you listen closely, you’ll even hear me purr !

Spellbound the cat is a great addition to this year’s lineup of Halloween Beanies from Ty. Her unique, rainbow-colored sparkly fur will make her a great addition to your Beanie Boo collection!

Attic Treasures are now “Ty Cuddlys”

Ty Cuddlys Logo
Ty Cuddlys Logo

It seems Ty has quietly made a change to one of its product lines: the Attic Treasures line is being re-branded as Ty Cuddlys.

Ty re-introduced the Ty Attic Treasures last year when it filed a U.S. trademark request in January 2017. The original Attic Treasures line was retired in January 2003. The new products–now much softer and squishier than the old Attic Treasures line, which used to include moveable necks and joins and were often costumed in outfits–began appearing in spring 2017. (Read more about the Attic Treasures line history at

However, on March 27, 2018, Ty filed for to trademark “Ty Cuddlys.”

This change has been further confirmed by those who sell Ty products. Online Ty retailer has made this note on its website:

As of July 2018, the Attic Treasures product line name has been retired again, and these plush are now effectively known as Ty Cuddlys. Our current remaining stock have Attic Treasures hang tags.

So, it looks like new Attic Treasures line–which currently includes 22 characters–will be re-retired and the the toys are moving under the official title of Ty Cuddlys.