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A new Halloween exclusive?

2018 Ty Beanie Boo Halloween Exclusive Cat
2018 Ty Beanie Boo Halloween Exclusive Cat

An image has surfaced of an as-of-yet unreleased Ty Beanie Boo Cat, likely for Halloween. My guess is, since we didn’t see this kitty Beanie Boo included in Ty’s Halloween preview, this will be a store exclusive.

The Halloween Beanie Boo cat is black with shiny, colorful flecks–much like the Leggz the spider Halloween Beanie Boo that we’ve already seen. She has an orange tummy, orange ears, and one orange and one green eye.

What store do you think this kitty will be exclusive to? My money is one Claire’s, but we’ve recently seen exclusives come out for Cracker Barrel and Joann’s Fabric as well. Tyme will tell!

Creds to @hawaii_beanieboos for finding this image first. So excited to get this one in-hand!