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New Ty Fashion wristlets and backpacks

Ty Fashion hang tag
Ty Fashion hang tag

I’ve tracked down more images from the revamped double-sided sequin Ty Fashion line! In addition to the “6 ways to wear” pieces I shared the other day, Ty has at least two new backpacks and three new wristlets coming. Pictured above:

  • Fantasia the unicorn Ty Fashion backpack
  • Icy the seal Ty Fashion backpack
  • Icy the seal Ty Fashion wristlet
  • Fantasia the unicorn Ty Fashion wristlet
  • Gilda the flamingo Ty Fashion wristlet

The revamped Ty Fashion line, which I’m 99% sure is taking over the Ty Gear line, features the innovative double-sided sequined fabric that Ty is using on its much-anticipated Ty Flippables line, which features 11 new characters in colorful, shiny sequins.

Update: It looks like all nine new sequined characters come in the backpack, purse (“6 ways to wear”), and wristlet styles. You can see them all on Ty’s website: click here.