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Ty Fashion gets “Flipped”

Ty Fashion store fixture
Ty Fashion store fixture

The Ty Fashion product line–Ty Beanie Boo-themed slippers, sandals, backpacks, wristlets, and more–are getting flipped. Or, more like a Ty Flippables makeover! Ty has already teased this on its Facebook and Instagram accounts, but I’ve tracked down what appears to be the first nine characters in this sequined makeover. The characters include a cat, penguin, flamingo, seal, owl, leopard, monkey, husky dog, and unicorn–all of which very closely resemble the new Ty Flippables line we’re looking forward to!

Like Ty Flippables, these Ty Fashion pieces are made with double-sided sequins, so you can create different colors and patterns by petting the material a certain way. The tags appear to boast “6 ways to wear”… as a purse? Backpack? Wristlet? We’re looking forward to seeing the versatility of these cool new Ty products!